Espadana Glass Company has started its activity since 2008 by using its technical and executive power in the field of production of various types of automobile, construction and industrial glass.
The company competes with foreign companies in global markets by employing specialized and committed forces along with improving the quality and increasing the variety of its products.
The use of advanced machinery, by adding to the technical capability of the company, has provided the possibility of producing special products for this company, which has eliminated the need for the country to import such products. One of the honors of this collection is the localization of technology and upgrading of production line devices, which has improved the quality of products while increasing efficiency.

These products include:

Production of glass of road construction machines
Production of special and custom glass according to the desired size and bend (city train, floating
Recreation, airport trailers and (…
Production of construction laminated glass (Talqi Cup)
Production of double-glazed and multi-glazed aerated glass with laminated layers
Production of printed glass (according to the desired design)
Production of bulletproof and anti-theft glass
Production of explosion-proof wire laminated glass
Combining glass laminate with different layers of stone, wood, acrylic, metal
· Bending and stretching all kinds of acrylic sheets with Plexiglas brand, simple and colored up
Thickness 40 mm
Design and production of canopy (rear room) windows for multi-purpose vehicles

It is hoped that with the care of God Almighty and with the promotion of modern knowledge in this field
More improvements and more diverse products in the near future.
Respect for customers and their satisfaction with the quality, innovation and variety of products is the main competitive advantage of Shi Shah Espadana Company.
At present, this group is one of the exporters of car glass in the country, which is able to produce more than 400 models of windshield. The employment rate of this group is over 150 people, directly and indirectly.